The company was founded in1985Years,The former is called“Mingshi electronics business”,2000Year renamed“Dazhou mingshi audio lighting engineering co., LTD”,2013Change for“Dazhou mingshi electroacoustic technology co., LTD”。Our company is a collection of professional audio、The lights,Intelligent light-current system brand agent、Sales、Wholesale、Engineering installation and debugging、Equipment leasing of an integrated service company。 Company's main:KTV、Performing arts hall、Slow rock、The club、Theater、Body weakness\/venues such as audio lighting engineering building intelligence engineering integrated wiring Intelligent multimedia simultaneous interpretation conference system Intelligent public address system VODComputer jukebox systems of all kinds of celebration、Large-scale theatrical performances and light leasing。
    The company has a skilled、Experienced professional installation team,The existing staff12People,Including all kinds of professional and technical personnel7People,Senior title5People,To obtain the national second-class tuner(The sound technician)The title1People.To do not provide craftsmanship, professional eye carefully analyze the scheme of each project,Carry out professional design,Professional installation and debugging,In order to achieve perfect effect,Let customer satisfaction,Let the favor of consumers。     The company has evaluated by functional departments“The title of youth civilization”、“Contract keeping promises units”、“Integrity of private enterprises”、“Good unit”Such as the honorary title。   Companies adhering to the“The first-class design、The first-class products、The first-class installation and debugging technology、First-class after-sales service”Concept,Dazhou“Level of professional engineering and agent”In the model! General manager Mr Gong Jin enthusiasm look forward to working with people from all walks of life hand in hand,Concentric brilliance!   
    The phone:0818-2106888  2125968
    A mobile phone:13350287555   FAX:0818-2103968  

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